Wednesday, October 20, 2010

M3nsa - Anaa

No 1 Mango Street is the latest album release from Ghanaian rapper, M3nsa.

Together with friend and collaborator, Wanlov the Kubolor, M3nsa came to our Bush House studios to perform a Network Africa video session. He singss 'Anaa' from the new album, accompanied by Wanlov on backing vocals and Alex Hunter on acoustic guitar

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The LIVE version!!!!

 We are less than a week from shooting the music video for this beautiful song!!
Today's casting was brilliant!!!!! Thanks to all who came out and who
helped putting this together and recommending people! !!!! 

More updates soon :)
Cheers and
enjoy the live version of this inspirational song

Monday, October 4, 2010

Arrested Development - "The World Is Changing" & M3NSA ADJUMA (WORK!! HUSTLE!)

M3NSA opens for Arrested Development Oct 13th!!!!!!

When I found out that M3NSA was opening for these AMAZING guys I was thrilled. I remember these guys so well. I remember loving hip hop and seeing these guys scoop up all those grammys. It's so great to see them back again.
For close to two decades these guys have churned out album after album

1992: 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of...(4X Platinum)
1993: Unplugged
1994: Zingalamaduni
2000: Da Feelin' EP
2002: Heroes of the Harvest
2003: Extended Revolution
2004: Among The Trees
2006: Since The Last Time
2009: Strong

I also remember a lot of their inspirational, fun, and cool videos they had. Below's one of their new ones.

Looks like the bar's now been set!!!!

Kudo's M3NSA and can't wait to see you rock it out!!!!

Facing the Faces

So they've the been coming in. Headshots of actors, models, dancers, you name it. We've started crewing up for both talent and technical and it's going really well. We are three weeks away from shooting the music video, No One Knows.

In the next couple of weeks, I'll have our process of the making of video up here so you can follow and continue to support and spread our cause around.

Also last Saturday's Album launch for No. 1 Mango Street was FANTASTIC. The response has just been great and amazing. Stay tuned for pictures and video from the Album launch soon.

Next stop... moving images to go with the music :)

 Keep watching this space.

Thanks for all the support!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Prep Day 1

So I've just had a meeting with the DP for the first music video, No One Knows. This was our first prep meeting. We now have an idea of what look we are going for with this video and I am really excited with what we've started to come up with. Going to be working on the shot list for a couple of days and we should have storyboards hopefully by the early next week.

I have started going through casting and I will be putting up a casting call for anyone who might be in Atlanta and interested in audtioning for roles in this video.

I appreciate all the well wishes and support many of you have shown towards our project. We are still very close to our finally goal. We hope you can pass this one to other lovers of art who might be generous to support our cause. Please visit our Donate page

To listen to the song please visit
No One Knows- M3NSA

Thanks and stay tuned for more updates on this project.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Music+Videos=Groovy Times: About the Projects

Music+Videos=Groovy Times: About the Projects: "Countdown begins – 25 days away from our goal. So far we have had some kind donations. Thanks and to everyone in advance also. We are also..."

About the Projects

Countdown begins – 25 days away from our goal. So far we have had some kind donations. Thanks and to everyone in advance also.

We are also looking for referrals or recommendations and connections in the NY area for another upcoming video.

People who help will be credited for their donations at the end of the video.
Need goods and services to cover food, (an african restaurant in the mix would be great!!!! recommendations anyone?), grip and electric equipment, camera and camera accessories, transportation, wardrobe, talent, etc.
 Please stayed tuned for more information on our second music video

Please, pass this blog around, LOVERS of the ARTS!!!!!